We only have very FEW pieces left for ZIPHOOD JACKETS. Alternatively, SWEATSHIRTS are highly recommend. However, not much in stock as well. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience. GOD BLESS US ALL!



Our new add on product to our adaptive clothing family, the BACK OPEN DRESS or DRESSES, as you come and visit our store, you will find varieties of colors, sizes and prints. However, we are still in the process of posting all of them, And these are mostly one of a kind or print or color. If you have any need of a size which is not posted yet or not available at our store at the moment. kindly email us at dresswithease@hotmail.com where you can ask your inquiry.

Back OPen Dresses are designed for easy dressing between the caregiver and the patient. Bedridden or wheelchair bound women are mostly in need of this design.

The materials used varies, some are polyester, some are mixed polyester and cotton, and some are cotton. Minimal to non ironing needed.

come and check this design out at our store..

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