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DRESS WITH EASE new website

We had a website a week ago with Etsy,  We already sold over 5 thousand items, servicing the after shoulder or arm surgery people and those having chemo and dialysis treatment sessions.

Unfortunately, We learned that we cannot use the word Velcro for this was a Trademarked brand. We did our best to delete all the word Velcro but seemingly with our hundreds of items, it was difficult for us to delete every word, specially those that were sold. No one knew that we have to delete even the sold items.

Oh well, when one door closes, another bigger door opens, which is now we opened this new site and continue to be of service to all the people who needs our products.

Though not all items are up and some pictures needed to be redone, we just thought of opening the store to the public because we know, old and new customers are looking for  our products.

So bare with us as we make twicks on our site along the way.

Welcome to Dress with Ease. We are ready to be of service to you once more.

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